• Adam Wright

Week 2

** What was your thinking and what were the reasons you decided to run for a seat on the Wake Forest Town Board? I am running for Town Commissioner because I felt that for too long the voice of the community has not been represented. I want to be the voice of the community and make sure it is their views being represented and not those of the developers.

** Have you attended any town board meetings this year or in recent years? What did you learn or take away from those meetings? I have attended many meetings this year. I learned that our rezoning process is not transparent enough.

** Have you attended any planning board meetings this year or in recent years? I have not made it to a planning board meeting yet.

** Have you ever served on the town’s advisory boards? If so, which one and when? I have not served on an advisory board.

** Have you read the current town budget? I have read the current budget.

** Have you read the current Capital Improvement Plan? I have read the CIP. Who knew it'd cost an estimated $200k to paint our town name on the water tower? Some pretty neat projects in the works.

** Have you looked through or read the Unified Development Ordinance which governs land use and building in town? I have not made it all the way through the UDO. However, I read the majority of it.

** Have you spoken with any past or present town commissioner about their experiences? I have a few meetings in the works. However, we have not yet met.

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