• Adam Wright

Thoughts On Current Town Positions


** What are your opinions or views on the current Wake Forest town government from the town manager and town board through all of the town departments, including the police department and the fire department?

** What have you heard from town residents about town government?

** What changes do you think need to be made? For example, should the public hearings about rezoning and master plans be held on one date and the planning board’s vote about that be held at a different date?


I am running because I feel that the board can do better. I do think we have some wonderful board members that are not running this election. However, they need some like minded individuals seated with them. Our town police department does a fabulous job keeping us safe and have helped keep Wake Forest named one of the safest cities in North Carolina. Our fire department also does an outstanding job. They have a low response time and can keep fires contained to the room they started a majority of the time.

Since I have started my campaign, between my volunteers and I, we have knocked on over 1500 doors. I have also attended several meet and greets and there has been one consistent theme that I hear from the residents - people are upset at how the town development has unfolded and the lack of transparency in the process. It seems that every time they turn around a new area has been rezoned for dense growth in the most congested areas of our town. The residents are also upset that no matter how much they speak out these developments keep springing up. Another concern I hear often is that we do not do a great job at creating jobs in the city.

I want more transparency in our rezoning process. Our city has a great app. It has a lot of great info on it. I know it also can do push notifications. The app has info about public notices accessible on it. However, I would like to see the ability to "opt-in" when new public notices are posting and the meetings scheduled. I would like the public to have the opportunity to comment before the board taking a vote on any new development. Many residents were caught off guard when the new development was being voted on behind Harris Teeter. They showed up to voice their displeasure with the development but were turned away from being able to do so. This policy makes citizens feel like the fix is in and their voice doesn't matter. We should value their input and be willing to listen at ALL times.

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