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** What are your views on affordable housing and subsidized housing? In affordable housing, owners or tenants pay, usually, up to 30 percent of their monthly income on housing costs. In subsidized housing, tenants pay on a sliding scale according to their ability to pay. Should the town be involved in helping to provide affordable or subsidized housing? The town already has subsidized housing owned by the Wake County Housing Authority and two complexes that are privately owned with federal housing subsidies.

** What are your views on the homeless people in town? If you do not believe there are homeless people, talk to a police officer. Do you think the town should be involved in helping to alleviate homelessness here?

** What are your views on the town’s support of the Northern Community Food Security Team and its ongoing efforts to end food insecurity?

** Do you think the town is doing enough to make this community where people of all colors, backgrounds and faith feel safe and welcome? Do you have any ideas about what more could be done?


Having housing be affordable for all those who live in our community should be a priority. I know there is a developer working to build some houses that fit this need already. We should work with them on finding great areas for opportunities such as this. Part of having such a "hot" real estate market is that supply drops and demand increases. That will make it so only the most fortunate are able to afford houses. So, what can the Board do? We need to be smart about our growth and allow the more dense building to happen near the area closest to where our new transportation plan has bus routes. We should also encourage more mixed-use building in our downtown area. 

Part of the issue is that while we do have an affordable housing problem, our lack of infrastructure and school space makes them higher on my radar. The more we try to solve affordable housing, the worse we make our traffic and schools. So, we have a very delicate line to walk and very little margin for error. Currently, our growth and school issues are problems. The more rezoning we do as a town in the name of affordable housing could make them predicaments. Problems have solutions and predicaments have outcomes. Let's fix our infrastructure and schools and then work on affordable housing as opportunities present themselves. 

The town should work on reducing our homeless population. Doing so reduces crime. We should focus on getting the homeless the help they need to be productive members of our town. We need to find local businesses that are willing to provide chances for the homeless to find work and non-profits to help with any substance abuse and housing issues they may have. This will allow them to have the best chance to be a net-positive for our community. 

I am all in for supporting the Northern Community Food Security Team. Ensuring that there are those in our community that are not going without eating is a valuable investment. 

I do think that we can always try to do more for our less fortunate. We need to make sure their infrastructure is being maintained. The Board, Mayor, and Town Manager should hold regular walking audits in all of our communities. Being visible in all of our communities will allow the community know we have their needs on our minds. It also provides us and them an opportunity to hear about issues that have a simple fix that we may have never heard about had me not made ourselves available.

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